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This section is designed to answer any questions you may have around the Brushcutter Pro Blade. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

Which Pro Blade do you recommend?

We are always being asked this question, and before answering it is important we understand your individual situation. We know that not every operator has the same needs.

To help recommend the best Pro Blade for your situation, we have created the BLADE FINDER tool. If you still need some assistance after using this tool, please CONTACT US.

We have also found that a lot of commercial customers purchase a variety of Pro Blades. We know from experience that when the going gets tough, it is well worth having the right Pro Blade for the job. We also offer an ongoing COUPON discount if two or three Pro Blades are purchased at the same time.

What is ‘Cut & Mulch’ technology?

‘Cut & Mulch’ technology is the culmination of ten years research, development, testing and refinement. The design combines a concaved shaped body with the cutting edge positioned underneath. It is this design that allows for all types of cuttings to be captured and mulched.

What is the ‘Reversible Pro Blade’?

The ‘Reversible Pro Blade’ available on some models, is a dual purpose reversible blade which allows both sides to be used for different tasks. The lawn side can slide along the grass and be used as a lawn mower, cutting the grass to a uniform height without chopping up the turf. The weed side of the blade cuts and mulches vines and lawn.

What are the fins on top of the Pro Blade for?

The fins assist in cutting above the blade and preventing vines or long weeds becoming tangled around the pole. You will find that this is a very useful feature.

Can I really sharpen the Pro Blade on asphalt or a concrete surface?

Yes you can on most models. This is one of the great design features of the Pro Blade. No need for separate sharpening tools, and no need to take the Pro Blade off.  Simply run the Brushcutter at a moderate speed, and evenly and gently in a downward fashion make contact with concrete or asphalt for approximately five seconds. Please view the WHY PRO BLADES? – INNOVATION video to see how easily this is done.

Will the Pro Blade fit my brushcutter?

The Pro Blade is designed to fit on all petrol powered straight shaft brushcutters. This includes popular brands such as Stihl, Honda, Husqvarna, Makita, Victa, Ryobi, Bushranger, Shindaiwa, Tanaka, Matrix, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Echo, Ozito, Homelite and Gardenline.

Please click on the FITTING INSTRUCTIONS link for more detailed information.

Should I also purchase a Pro Guard?

We recommend that you do for two reasons.

Firstly, the Pro Guard is designed to handle anything the Pro Blade throws at it and is made with the same high quality Japanese steel as the Pro Blade. The Pro Guard will not crack and break like many other models do, and at only 250 grams you will hardly know it is there.

Secondly, the Pro Blade is designed for the professional gardener, farmer and landscaper. As such some models are larger and require more clearance than traditional cutting blades. The Pro Guard is fitted in under two minutes and allows the operator the ability to use the entire Pro Blade range.

The Pro Guard is designed to fit on all straight pole brushcutters.

How long will the Pro Blade last?

We get asked this question a lot, and the straight answer is ‘a very long time’. The Pro Blade is manufactured using the highest quality Japanese steel with state of the art manufacturing techniques. The Pro Blade never needs replacement parts and never malfunctions.

I want to see the Pro Blade in action. Do you have any informative videos I can watch?

Yes we do and they are well worth watching. You will be able to see how safe the Pro Blade is compared to traditional cutting blades and how the Pro Blade performs in many different situations. Please  visit our WHY PRO BLADES? page.

Where can I purchase Safety Equipment, Workwear & Tools?

Brushcutter Blades has partnered with two of the best companies in the world to offer our customers access and discounts to the toughest and most respected brands in Workwear & Safety. These include a wide variety of well known and trusted brands.

Please have a closer look across our website for great products and discounts.

Can I get a discount if I buy more than one item?

Yes you can, and you have probably already seen our current ‘2ITEMS-5%OFF’ and ‘3ITEMS-10%OFF’ coupons that we currently have on offer. When you checkout, be sure to type the relevant code into the COUPON area. This discount will then be applied to any combination of products in the Pro Blade and Pro Guard range.

Keep an eye out for new and exciting discount opportunities.

Can I bulk purchase and distribute?

We have a growing number of commercial partners and distributors and are always looking for more. If you are interested in further information, please CONTACT US. We are more than happy to answer any questions and cater to individual requirements. Additional volume purchase discounts are available to select partners.

Are my personal and financial details secure on your website?

We take the online protection of our business and your personal and financial details seriously.

As well as being Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant our website holds a SSL certificate which is recognised as the world’s best website security. To confirm this, look in the address bar above and you will see a Padlock with Secure written next to it. This means that you have the best protection available.

Paypal is our payment provider of choice, and their entire business evolves around protecting online payments. Please click here for more information on PAYPAL SAFETY AND SECURITY

Is postage included in the price?

Yes it is, and we always use registered post which has a ‘Track and Trace’ service. Upon ordering and shipping, a confirmation email will be sent to you to let you know your purchase is on its way.

How long will delivery take?

Pro Blades and Pro Guards are either shipped directly from our warehouse in Canberra, Australia or from the manufacturer in Japan. Please expect between five and ten days for delivery. If you have any questions around delivery, please CONTACT US and we will access the ‘Track and Trace’ service and let you know exactly where your shipment is.

I have ordered the wrong Pro Blade, can I return or exchange it?

Customer service is the number one priority for us  at Brushcutter Blades. We want to see you completely satisfied with your entire purchasing experience. If you have accidently ordered the incorrect blade, or are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please view the Returns and Exchange policy, and CONTACT US. We are always here to help.

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